This startup says it can make the world’s cheapest solar panels


An eight-year-old startup that has survived hard times and a major pivot has set a new world-record goal for itself: making the world’s cheapest solar panels at $0.28 per watt, whether that’s in the U.S. or in China. The company’s name is Siva Power (originally founded with the name Solexant) and it says in another four years it could make these thin panels at that price at a 300 MW factory that it hopes to fund and build.

It’s an ambitious target. Siva Power originally was looking to make thin-film solar panels by printing the material cadmium-telluride in the form of nanocrystals on to rolls of a flexible metal foil. But it — along with the dozens of other thin-film solar startups like Nanosolar, Solyndra and Miasole — faced tough times when the price of silicon (the key ingredient in traditional solar panels) dropped dramatically and Chinese companies flooded the…

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