Arnoldii Rafflesia is found in the tropical forests of Indonesia by an Indonesian guide working for Dr. . Joseph Arnold in 1818 , and named after Thomas Stamford Raffles the leader of the expedition


This plant has no stems , leaves or true roots . Rafflesia is endoparasites on vines of the genus . The only part of Rafflesia plants which can be seen outside the host plants are crowned five flowers . In some species , such as Rafflesia Arnoldi , the diameter of the interest may be more than 100 cm , and weighing up to 10 kg . 20 cm diameter flowers . The flowers look and smell like rotting meat , that’s why he called the ” corpse flower “

Bad smell flowers attracts insects such as flies and dung beetles , which carry pollen from the male flowers to the female flowers . Little is known about the spread of seeds . However , squirrels and other forest mammals eat the fruit and spread it turns out the seeds . Rafflesia is an official state flower of Indonesia, the Rafflesia flower has a single arnoldii largest of all flowering plants .



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