Giving Mutual Advice Between the Young and the Old Yang There is nothing more loving GOD Almighty except a young man who counseled him. GOD Almighty more loving young man than an old worship worship.
Use your youth before your old age with emphasis comes forgiveness. Hopefully these religions can be helped in your hands.
Source: The book “Warning to those who are deceived” published by AL-HIDAYAH About Ukhwah (Relationships)
if we are related because of God then our relationship will always remember to Allah SWT. If we neglect should not be because of the world. But be filled with the life of the world and the hereafter, we will feel the sweetness related (berukhuwah) and the relationship we will always remember. although there are advantages and disadvantages of each person will feel satisfaction because we complement each other from each other. So that all our friends weaknesses can be covered by our excess even though there are only a congregation will be strong and not easily influenced by outsiders.



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