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One thing as devotional material we … Tuk contemplate the beauty of the first night but not the night full of worldly pleasures first night alone was not entered into the contest Adam And Eve It is precisely our first night of marriage with the Death A night that left sobbing relatives that day … very pampered bride Mandipun … We have to bathe entire body open …. There is not a single yarn covered. . There’s no shame at all … The whole body buffed and cleaned debris from the nostrils and anus removed even holes – holes that too covered white cotton … That figure …. We That body After that time we bathed .. ., We also applied it pretty white dress fabrics …. very few people use it .. Because it is very well known branded fragrance named Shroud sown into clothes .. We … The head, body. .., And feet tied Stare …. gaze. We coffin .. that face … instantly prepared Bridal wedding biting alone … Bride in procession around the village bertandukan Towards neighbors palace as a symbol of immortality origin unsteady steps we followed all the family And the companion taulan compassion Gamelan bersyairkan solemn prayer and Dhikr Akad illegitimate sentence reading talkin … Berwalikan grave .. Witness – witness the gravestones. . The tlah arrived first splash of rose water .. late introduction longing And finally …. . Future bride arrived .. And left alone waiting … Tuk mempertanggungjawab all walks of life right first night together SWEETHEART .. Accompanied by termites – termites and earthworms in soil bertilamkan room .. Wherever and when the 7 steps away …. We also questioned by the Angels right … We do not know whether to obtain favors the Grave … Or We’re obtaining Torture Tomb ….. We do not know … And nobody knows …. But strangely upset We never fear ….. Though it favors or punishment we received once we hesitate to tears … as a very expensive valuables … And He’s Lover .. Menetapkanmu to heaven .. Or throw you into hell .. We certainly hope to be experts heaven … But …. but ….. is it appropriate attitude for this … For heaven is called as an expert.

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